Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top Doggie Personalities

1.) Gage, Buddha, and Caffeine (all rescues) own Eric Goebelbecker, a trainer stationed in New Jersey who runs Dog Spelled Forward. Eric (@dogspelledfwd if you're interested in following him on Twitter) writes the Real Man's Guide to Dog Training (and other articles) on his blog as well as articles for Dog Star Daily.

I find him to be a very sassy guy with much to say. The best part? It's always interesting, and his advice is concise and useful.

I stumbled upon Eric by mistyping something into a search engine and landing on his home page. A dog trainer with a twitter? I didn't know they made those (honest!) So, I followed him. Through him, I found other very interesting dog personalities.

2.) Jasmine and J.D. own Jana Rade (@DawgBlogger,) a dog blogger and graphic designer with a sassy, to-the-point personality. She witty, pithy, and downright smart.
The best part about Jasmine's human? She loves her enough that I believe she'd do anything for her. That's unconditional love at its best.
It doesn't stop there.
Jana writes a blog called Dawg Business, dedicated to doggie health, nutrition, training, and more!
Jana is dedicated to helping other dog owners through health and other problems, and she even has a group called Dog Health Issues set up on Facebook, where you can ask doggie health questions and get answers.
Now that is someone worth following!

3.)A beautiful German Shepherd Dog named Dojo Astaire (the dog with flair) owns Dino Dogan, a trainer, motorcyclist, martial artist, and (I'm convinced) genius from NJ. 
Dino isn't what I'd classify as your stereotypical, conservative dog trainer. He runs an amazing, interesting blog that I now call home (because I read it so much that I may as well live there...) It's called Dogan Dogs Video Blogs, and it's definitely worth your time. 
How would I know?
Well, one day I got brave enough to click the link provided via Twitter, and I basically have yet to leave. I also learned, from one visit, that this dog trainer is a smart, innovative, creative guy that has a lot to offer the world. New Jersey, you are one lucky state... (Why do you get Eric AND Dino? How unfair...)
Dino also runs a Facebook group called Dog Trainer 2.0.  Dog trainers, pay attention! This group is for you. Here's a place where you can learn how to get Social Media on your side. It's also a place to discuss just about anything with other trainers. You can also find him on twitter (@dino_dogan)

4.) Maddie and Dexter own Hollie Toner, a dog trainer from North East Ohio. She's an amazing woman who is so well versed in doggie body language that she can spot a potential scuffle from the other end of the Doggie Beach (and somehow be on the other side in time to keep said potential scuffle from happening.)
Hollie runs Paws N Claws Academy in Streetsboro, Ohio. 
I have quite a bit of personal experience with Hollie - I used to take class at Signature K-9 in Alliance, Ohio with her and Maddie. 
Hollie, thank the heavens, is busy working with North East Dog Training (that's us!) to make FreeStyle and Rally popular in Ohio! 
We'll succeed...Just you wait!

5.) Daisy (the Wunder Dog) owns Mel Freer, a wonderful woman who runs Mel's Pet Pals - a dog walking and pet sitting company in Minnesota. Daisy didn't know that Mel was the human for her when they first met, as she was a surrender with some extreme fear issues. Years later, Mel works with/pet sits for dogs who have fear issues. She loves to work with "difficult" dogs and help them to reach a potential that their Moms and Dads probably didn't know they had. Thank goodness for Daisy and Mel!
Daisy has her own blog Daisy the Wonder Dog and How She Found Her Inner Lab. 
Mel also has her own blog called No Dog About It. (Daisy must have felt bad and let Mom have a blog, too! LoL)
All three sites are certainly worth checking out - Mel and Daisy are quite the team, and they have interesting stories and thoughts to share. Just don't be surprised when they capture your heart!


  1. What a great list! O_o
    I am honored to be on it. You belong on that list also.

  2. Why thank you!
    I actually wanted to add more... (like Kelly Dunbar & her Open Paw Program) but then I ran into too many! So, I kept it short and sweet. I figure I'll make a
    Top Doggie Personalities (continued) list down the road. ;]
    TY for the comment again!

  3. Thnx so much JJ, you rock :-)

    I love the lay out of this post (left to right, then right to left)...very creative


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