Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy (Almost) Birthday, Kittie

Introducing the: 
"Mom, please gives me attentions" look.
Think I'm going to give in?
I am.

Yeah, I said it.
I reward Kittie for all sorts of things that would make me, as a trainer, gasp.

How can I say, "NO!" to this girl?
She's trying to have a good time.
Almost 3 years old now.
Wouldn't believe she could come as far as she has if I hadn't been there myself.
It can be done.

Or at least adventured upon.

Worst case scenario? 
Howl at it.
Or is that a yowl, Kittie? 
No, you really are a dog...
I love you. But you suck at singing.

Whassat, Mom? I no hears you; I'z grass in mah mouth!

And my personal favorite for the day:
Whassat doin theres?

We call those tails, Kittie. I know your sister doesn't have one, but you do.

Shake it off.

And Happy...Not Birthday.
I have no idea when you were born. The shelter was inaccurate and the vet can only guestimate.
Here's your present:

Have fun

Whass I'z do with this?



  1. where was that? looks awesome ....makes me want to get off my ass and edit some nature footage I have with my dog :-)

  2. Only if you promise to make a blog about it! We want to see the nature footage, too!

    ...This is a place near where I live - it's a little park-type-place with biking/hiking trails. No one goes back there, so I can sometimes take Kittie without worrying about the other dogs. (I don't worry about what she would do - she is the calming signal queen, but I do worry about what the other dogs would do.)

    And the closest doggy beach is about 2 hrs away. This...15 minutes. No people. Perfect for us. ^-^;;

    TY for the comment!

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one (breaking the 'training laws' and giving in to such things)!

    To me what Jasmine went through is my excuse. But truthfully, I was doing that even before. You know what? She's no worse for it!

    Their lives are short and their enemies are many. Let's give them all we got I say.

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